Clyde River Motocross Track and Trails (CRMX) is a family-oriented, non-profit club committed to promoting the sport of motocross in our region of Nova Scotia and providing a healthy, family-oriented sport that appeals to a broad base of people and teaches great lessons of standing up to, and overcoming, adversity. CRMX is also a central part of our community, working with, and helping, other local organizations. We focus on family memberships, and providing a challenging, fun and safe environment for riders/members of all ages and skill levels so they may enjoy the sport of motocross with their families and friends.

CRMX was founded in 2007 by Arthur Smith of Barrington, Nova Scotia. Arthur Smith introduced the Nickerson family to the sport of motocross, for that, they are forever grateful. “Thank you Art!”

This year (2017) will mark the beginning of the first full-on, organized CRMX membership, and weekly pre-scheduled ride days. To add to the excitement, we will be holding our Season Opening Race on April 22! We look forward to seeing you there!