Member / Rider Safety

CRMX holds safety in the highest regard. There is absolutely ZERO tolerance for those who do adhere to CRMX’s rules and regulation of safety.


ALL riders at the facility MUST wear all the required gear before entering the track or trails:

  • Helmet
  • Full-length riding pants
  • Jersey chest protection / body armour
  • Gloves
  • Riding boots                            


  • No alcohol is to be brought onto the property and drugs will not be tolerated.
  • Know and respect the track.
  • Know and respect the track flags.
  • Respect your fellow riders
  • Always look both ways when entering the track – treat the track as you would treat the street.
  • Maintain your bike (i.e., changing the oil and filters, making sure all the nuts and bolts are properly torqued, and adjusting the chain and tire pressures).
  • Hold your line – do not weave or swerve in front of other riders.


Our track, as well as each and every obstacle, is designed with rider safety in mind. The combination of a correctly designed track, flaggers on designated ride days and events, proper riding gear, and the our Learn to Ride Motocross Program, all help to lower potential risks to riding, but in no way eliminates the risk of injury.    


Anyone that rides at the CRMX track much show proof of membership in the Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association – NSORRA.
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